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Take to the sky and become the ultimate aerial shinobi with Ninja Crash from Team Devil Games! kunai

Grab your sword and strap on your magic lanterns... It's CRASH time! Strike your opponents down across 9 beautiful levels, destroying their lanterns to send them falling to their doom. Gain the advantage with game-changing powerups. Summon the mighty Tengu, grab a kite-chute for safe landing, master the range of projectile weaponry, and more! Your foes are not the only threat though. Watch out for environmental hazards. An alert ninja is an alive ninja!

With the aid of XNA Game Studio 4.0 and the Farseer Physics™ Engine, choose from loads of characters, battle your friends in a range of game types in 2-4 player party madness, or even tackle the Undead in the 1-2 player campaign.

Get ready to CRASH! The more players, the more craziness and laughter!

Available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240msp.


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